Reinventing vocational training

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Ainara Zubillaga, Director of Education and Training at the Cotec Foundation, engages in a dialogue about different projects working to organise employment and training, and the combination between them, and how technology can be used to achieve this. Olivier Crouzet, director of Escuela 42, uses the methodology of Escuela 42, a free centre that selects its students on the basis of their skills, regardless of their academic background and previous qualifications, as an example. A training model in which there are no teachers, classes or MOOCS, where students learn collaboratively to tackle software development challenges. Ricardo Pineda Vila, CEO and founder of Vansa, stresses the importance of partnerships with companies for the training of workers, especially in the case of manual jobs in companies. The founder of Generation, Mona Mourshed, considers one of the fundamental pillars in the relationship between training and employment to be the search for greater inclusion, in order to break down the barriers raised by prejudice.

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Director of Education and Training, Fundación Cotec para la innovación
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