Panel: Closing the Gap: the Digital School Against Inequality

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Alfredo Hernando, founder of Escuela 21, moderates this panel on digital education in which Lucas Cortázar, Education Consultant at the World Bank, defines digital education as the great emancipatory project of schools. Rosa María Llorente, headmistress of the Ramiro Solans school in Zaragoza, warns of the importance of this digital education, which has been boosted by the context of the pandemic, allowing equal opportunities for all and fighting against the social and digital divide in society. Along the same lines, Magdalena Brier, director of Profuturo, assures that the digital school has the capacity to prepare students for the skills they need today, to face the challenges of the 21st century and the digital society. And Beatriz Morilla, general director in Spain of Empieza por educar, adds that it is important for students to be equipped not only with technological tools, such as computers, but also with skills such as autonomy, motivation, critical capacity and the desire to learn.

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