Is 2020 a turning point for educational entrepreneurship?

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Responding to with the central question of this debate -whether educational technology reached a turning point in 2020-, Matthew Greenfield, managing partner of Rethink Education, assures that it has, because society did not consider education online and digital as a real option until the arrival of the pandemic, and now, following the Covid-19 crisis, it is beginning to be seen as such. Denis Mizne, CEO of the Lemon Foundation, believes that after the year of the pandemic, certain changes in education will continue while others will not be sustained. Those aspects that will continue to be developed in the future includes teachers and educators using technology in education, but he does not think that passive online learning methods will be maintained, as they result in students disconnecting from their lessons. In agreement with this last aspect, Charles McIntyre, joint founder of EdTechXEurope, considers that the great challenge for the future of educational technology will be in offering a tailored service that responds to the specific needs of each individual.

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