The telework revolution

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Ana Yturriaga, Director of the European Commission’s European School of Management, reviews the major changes brought about by the pandemic in terms of teleworking, such as a different way of managing teams and a greater focus on results rather than presence. Alongside her, Paolo Bondi, general director of people and organisation at Endesa, focuses on the importance of updated legislation on telework, which will also allow for a more egalitarian regulation in the future; and Elisabetta Gali, global director of knowledge, development and talent at Banco Santander, recalls the importance of public administrations ensuring a telecommunications infrastructure that allows all people and companies to have good access to technology. All experts also agree that the future will be marked by more teleworking, greater flexibility in working hours and workspaces, and a working model that combines the best of teleworking and face-to-face work.

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