Rebecca Winthrop Emilia Ahvenjärvi: risks, opportunities; school education

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Emilia Ahvenjärvi, Science and Education Attaché at the Embassy of Finland in Buenos Aires, talks with Rebecca Winthrop, co-director of the Center for Universal Education at The Brookings Institution, about the risks and opportunities the pandemic has provided for education. Ahvenjärvi believes that, despite the pandemic, the main role of schools has not changed and continues to be to ensure equal learning opportunities for all students. In this context of Covid-19, she argues that those education systems where there is curricular flexibility and a high level of teacher autonomy are better able to adapt to these circumstances. In terms of challenges and innovations in education systems for the future, Winthrop expects to see better use of technology in education, not just as a means of sharing content, but as a tool to be used creatively to broaden student learning.

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