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Juan M. Zafra, editor of Telos magazine, introduces a conversation on current education in the context of the new edition of the magazine, which focuses on lifelong learning throughout life. At a time when a new reality is being built, where technology makes society more horizontal, education must be more choral, multidirectional, where we all learn from each other, according to Zafra. Bernardo Crespo, Director of the Digital Transformation Programme at IE Business School, agrees with this reflection and says that it is necessary to think of learning spaces not as a physical place, but as a connected space or community. Inés Huertas, an expert in big data and machine learning, believes that digital communities help to maintain continuous learning even after school and university. On the other hand, Joaquín Rodriguez, Director of Digital Projects at the SEK educational institution, also adds the importance of education having equity as a fundamental value, where all students are able to reach their full potential.

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Global Head of Knowledge and Digital Culture Area, Fundación Telefónica
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