Education to address digital challenges: privacy and misinformation

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The researcher at the Uehiro Cenre for Practical Ethics at the University of Oxford, Carissa Véliz, affirms that disinformation and propaganda in today’s digital world are personalised, and we have to be aware of this if we want to maintain our privacy. This is a collective problem and therefore collective solutions are needed, starting with the education of minors. In the area of regulation, he considers it essential that the experts who build our digital world are professionally licensed. Meanwhile, the CEO of Alto Analytics, Alex Romero, says that education is the only real possibility to combat misinformation. Education helps lay the foundation for building the resilience needed to combat misinformation, and he believes that this is a critical issue, particularly for children. The director of Atresmedia, Javier Bardají, agrees that there is a need for greater regulation in the digital environment and does not believe that institutions are collaborating much in this area. He highlights television as an element of cohesion and the backbone of a country’s information system. And, precisely in this context, Atresmedia tries to educate the general public with a critical spirit through different initiatives.

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