Andreas Schleicher: How to develop an education system in the 21st century

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OECD Director of Education and creator of the PISA Report, Andreas Schleicher, talks about the main differences between traditional education systems and modern education systems, such as world-class schools. One of the main challenges in education for adapting to what the future demands is to teach less, but in greater depth. In modern education systems, it is not so much about learning content, but about helping learners to develop the tools to be able to move in an increasingly complex and changing world. One of the main characteristics of these systems is that they enable all learners to achieve success, as everyone learns differently. Unlike traditional systems, modern education systems emphasise learners’ epistemic knowledge, social and emotional skills, attitudes and values. In this increasingly digital world, we need to focus education on creating real people. We have a great challenge facing us now, and that is how to combine the artificial intelligence of computers with the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values inherent in human beings.

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