Reinventing Education in a Digital World.

During the last day of enlightED, the winners of the enlightED Awards were revealed, recognising the best practices in the world in entrepreneurship and educational innovation. These awards give the participants the opportunity to share with the rest of the educational community the latest projects in education and digital innovation in response to the situation caused by Covid-19.

New for this year’s edition, the categories of best education, innovation and edTech startups will include awards for best educational innovation practices in corporate training, higher education and primary and secondary education. With more than 700 candidacies received from more than 15 different countries, the winners of the fourth edition of the enlightED Awards are:

In the category ‘Newly created companies, startups and entrepreneurship ecosystems’:

  1. Symba (USA): Comprehensive platform that helps organisations streamline the management of their talent development programmes, gathering key metrics for their success and creating scorecards in order to monitor the long-term impact of the programmes.

In the category ‘Corporate training, lifelong learning, upskilling and continuous training’:

  1. Integração de Tecnologia na Educação – InTecEdu (Brasil) Project created with the aim of promoting digital inclusion through the integration of technology into basic public education.
  2. Hacking for Humanity (Spain) Annual Hackathon during which professionals from the IT sector, students and people of any age with no IT knowledge mix to solve social problems through technology.
  3. CoderDojo Valencia, inclusive programming club for young people (Spain) Programming club to inspire technology vocations among students aged 7 to 17, with a special emphasis on vocations for girls.

In the category ‘Universities, Vocational Training and higher education institutions’:

  1. Misión Utopía (Colombia) Agronomic Engineering Programme involving the generation of educational and productive opportunities for young people in rural sectors, with little or no economic resources affected by violence.
  2. MediaLab – University of Oviedo (Spain) Technology and design laboratory that breathes life into ideas. Students do the final project their degree or work experience associated with projects in robotics, IoT or 3D printing, while receiving cross-cutting training in eco-design, ethics and communication.
  3. Los Últimos Días de la Magia [The Last Days of Magic] (Spain) Gamification programme based on magic aimed at the development of Digital Competency during the initial training stage of teachers.

In the category ‘Primary, Secondary and Post-compulsory Secondary Education schools and projects’.

  1. Huertas comunitarias STEM [STEM community vegetable gardens] (Colombia) This project was born with the aim of reducing the social divide between the urban and rural sector through the creation of STEM community vegetable gardens to contribute to food security along the paths of San Francisco, Santa Inés and Holanda In the town of Pitalito Huila, in Colombia.
  2. PROYECTIVIDA (Colombia) Experience that supports the life project of students through Information and Communication Technologies, respecting the environment and using innovation as a means so that students may attain their goals and enrol in a higher education institute or university.
  3. Gigas for Schools (Spain) Design and development of business and social projects in centres that form part of the EDUCSI network, combining entrepreneurship and creation with Innovation and Technology.

All the winners will be able to benefit from a scholarship to study one of the High Impact Online Programs delivered by the IE University. Furthermore, the 10 finalists in the entrepreneurship category will have access to presentations before leading international investors and the media, as well as meetings with large corporations and mentoring.  In the Educational Innovation categories, there will also be three prizes in each of €2,000, €1,500 and €1,000, respectively.

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