Toju Duke Q&A Gabriela Campbell, fundadora de Ac2ality, y José Luis Crespo, de QuantumFracture

Detalles de la sesión

The international specialist Toju Duke, Founder of Diverse AI, is the protagonist of this debate led by the group of journalists Ac2ality and the science populariser José Luis Crespo, leader of the Youtube channel Quantum Fracture. Throughout the participatory conversation, we will have the opportunity to talk about how to achieve a more ethical and responsible AI for the future.

18 octubre 2023
Ponentes que intervienen
Toju Duke
Toju Duke
Asesora responsable de IA, fundador de Diverse AI
jose Luis crespo
Jose Luis Crespo
Físico y fundador de Quantum Fracture
Gabriela Campbell
Gabriela Campbell
Cofundadora de Ac2ality