Keynote-Interview: “The grammar of computers”

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Session details

Computer education is about teaching coding, but it is also about creating a language for children to talk about the world. What can we learn from stars, glaciers and mushrooms when it comes to computer education? And why do we need a Whole Earth Catalogue or a Montessori method for early childhood computer education? And why start with childhood and its intense construction of worlds, secrets and silences? All these questions will be addressed by Liukas in the presentation and in the subsequent conversation with Maria Teresa Nieto, senior blockchain specialist at Telefónica Tech.



19 October 2021
- 19:15 CET
Moderator: Teresa Nieto
Speakers who intervene
Linda Liukas
Linda Liukas
Coder, entrepreneur, children’s writer and illustrator
Teresa Nieto
Teresa Nieto
Blockchain Senior Specialist, Telefónica Tech