Meet the winners of enlightED Awards 2020:

Best startup in
higher education



Startup with the greatest social impact in education



Startup with the best technological solution for learning and training

Startup with the greatest scalability



Startup with the best solution during the COVID-19 pandemic




Discover the twelve finalists of
enlightED Awards!

Twelve international and entrepreneurial initiatives in education, innovation and technology, which propose solutions for a wide range of topics such as help with dyslexia, language practice or assessment with AI.

In enlightED 2020, evaluated by a jury in online format, the finalists vied for first place in each of the awarded categories.


The winning projects get access to the EdTech startup IE Rockets accelerator, to the entire South Summit investment ecosystem, as well as to one-to-one networking sessions with any investors and corporations that request them.


Aba English

A new learning model based on an innovative educational approach, the Smart Learning® method, the pillars of which are personalization, student interaction and live experiences.

(United States)

This mobile application helps children to practice English through conversation with Buddy the Robot, a virtual cartoon character powered by artificial intelligence.

(United Kingdom)

A system that teaches children aged between six and 14 to code, engaging them through creative, real-life issues and equipping them with an understanding of computer thinking, preparing them for an increasingly digital future.

(United States)

Provides a customizable online assessment solution, including in-depth analysis and AI-driven remote monitoring, allowing educational institutions to digitize high-risk assessments.


An all-in-one design tool that allows users to create and share engaging, interactive and animated content online. It creates and enriches presentations, infographics, game experiences, etc.


An innovative educational market with classroom dynamics for teachers, created by experts and authors from around the world, focused on emerging knowledge and skills needed in today's world.


This system solves every challenge of people with dyslexia with the only system of dynamic sources that covers the needs of each individual. Together, the reading tools help improve the pace, focus and speed and is available on the web and for smartphone.


A new way of learning a language, focused on practice, both online and face-to-face, based on conversation and guided by expert teachers.

Smile and Learn

A 360-degree adapted learning platform, it is designed for children aged between three and 12 and includes more than 5,000 activities, in 250 applications and 300 videos, which reinforce the curriculum, language learning, neuroeducation and social-emotional skills.


This online subscription includes a free device that allows teachers to offer interactive and game-oriented classroom content, even in classrooms with little or no internet connection.


A smart, personalized, interactive, real-time tutor designed to scale for thousands of courses and millions of students, that will be able to help them greatly by contributing to the democratization of education.


A system to connect people and knowledge with human-centered AI systems that boosts the acquisition of new knowledge and resolve issues.



The enlightED Awards are accolades granted for the third consecutive year within the framework of enlightED, that seek to identify and promote the best entrepreneurial ideas from around the world in education, innovation and EdTech, due to their spirit of innovation, high impact and scalability.

In 2019, 580 nominations from 73 different countries were submitted.



The ten winning startups in 2019: